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front-end web developer

weather report

A web app that fetches the user's geolocation data and feeds it through the OpenWeather API to display the current weather. It also allows the user to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius and changes color according to temperature.

dio quote generator

This is a mobile-responsive web app I made in tribute to my favorite singer. It uses jQuery to display a random quote from a JavaScript array on user click, and integrates with Twitter's API to allow the user to Tweet whichever quote is currently generated.

streetpass az website

This client wanted to use an existing template for Bootstrap, so I made extensive modifications to suit the client's needs, including changing the styling to match the branding logo & color scheme I devised, creating a Staff Page layout, and an Events section.

canterbury tweets

A bot that tweets lines from the Canterbury Tales every hour. The bot, which pulls text from Wikisource via HTTP request, is written in JavaScript and Node, and deploys from Heroku.

colosseum thesis official site

This client required the use of WordPress and had me modify an existing WordPress theme, using graphical assets created by members of the band.

wikipedia viewer

A simple web app that uses Wikipedia's API and jQuery to fetch Wikipedia entries that match the user's search query and displays them as they are typed. Also includes the option to generate a random article.

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